ADATA EMIX H30 Gaming Headphones Review

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ADATA EMIX H30 Gaming Headphones Review
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You’ve noticed that more and more hardware makers have entered the gaming periphery. ADATA has not made an exception. Recently we tested the ADATA EMIX H30 headphones, probably the best-quality earphones. In the following paragraphs I will explain why these headphones are good.

If I were to describe everything in just a few words it would be like this: best buy! I tried as far as possible to find some defects, I do with any product. I turned all the parts and I did everything I could to make the most of them, hoping to find a minus. Plus, we’re talking about a producer who has no experience with gaming products.

The ADATA EMIX H30 is not even the best on the market, but in no way the worst. Their price integrates them into a mid-range area where you have many variants. But the design of these headphones and the sound they are delivering push them up close to the premium area. That’s why I tell you they are the best buy ear.

First of – the design. They are made of plastic, aluminum and sponge. The cups have metal inserts that give them a premium quality feel. Also, the support strip is metallic and very flexible. It fits very well on any head. The secondary band that is molded on the ridge is made of sponge and offers very good comfort.

The cups are very thick. The sponge inside is very soft and pleasant when placed on the ears. The ear does not get into your helmet, but the helmet comes directly over your ear. That means that they are “On Ear” and you probably think they’re disturbing in the long run. On the contrary. Typically, these formats cause pain after 2-3 to 4 hours of gaming. But the excess and very soft sponge is responsible for long-term comfort.


More interesting than comfort is the connectivity. I wonder in which category will they fit : jack or USB? Headphones can connect in multiple ways to your computer, and this is very important if you use a laptop and desktop simultaneously. If you purchased these headphones it’s clear that you have an good audio card, otherwise you’ve given the money for nothing. In this case, you will connect them directly to the desktop via the audio jack for the best quality.

But when you want to use your laptop you are aware that the audio board is very weak, and here comes the amplifier from the package. The ADATA EMIX H30 comes packaged with a very massive amplifier that allows you to make some settings. It is recommended to use it especially if you connect the headphones to your laptop and you want a very good audio quality. It is not mandatory to use that laptop amplifier. You can do it for your desktop if you do not have a good audio card.

The amplifier works as follows : it connects to the USB for power and signal, and in turn offers numerous ports for connecting the headphones. On one side you have 2 microphone jacks and headphones and a USB, and on the other two USB, a speaker jack and a mini USB for power.

ADATA EMIX H30 Amplifier

On the front is a potentiometer for volume in 11 steps and 4 sound modes. These 4 preset modes are for games, movies, voice and music. It also has a button to switch between headphones and speakers. One more thing I did not mention is the stand. The ADATA EMIX H30 comes with a stand, which you can catch the headphones when you do not use them. It is metallic and very stable.

The volume is very high, in fact it is excessively high. At maximum volume you can not hold your ears for more than 2-3 seconds. But I noticed that it keeps its clarity even at maximum volume. At medium volume, as they will be used for the most part of time, the headphones offer bass and high sound. The environments must be adjusted by the equalizer. I didn`t like the preset modes so I preferred to make my settings.

The bass is powerful, clear and not exaggerated. The headphones can play very low frequencies, but most of the songs do not have such a pronounced bass as the headphones can play back. Voices are slightly harsh and advise you to adjust your equalizer manually.

ADATA EMIX H30 Features :

  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Four Equalizers for Maximum Gaming Experience
  • Detachable noise canceling mic
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, XBox, PS4, Switch, and Mobile Devices that support 3.5mm audio jack
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